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how to negotiate a house price

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You may have never thought about it before, but people are born negotiators. But not everyone knows it which is why some people need a property negotiator. Infants cry to get fed or their diapers changed. Toddlers whine to get what they want. We won’t even discuss teenagers, but you get the idea. Negotiation skills don’t stop with adulthood either. Everyone has had to negotiate a raise or better working conditions. Personal relationships are a constant back and forth as well so both parties get what they need from the arrangement. When it comes to property negotiation, it’s a matter of knowing how to get what you want at a reasonable price. Name of the game is being fair without finding yourself hosed.

Tricks to negotiating a greal deal

Whether you are buying property for your personal home or as an investment you have to be sure your needs are met. There are a few tricks and hints that can help you along. One good strategy is to try to find out as much as you can about the seller’s circumstances. For example the information about if a home is in foreclosure, if payments were made on time, and other personal information can help you determine how motivated seller are. Asking point blank won’t work; you’ll have to reach a level of trust by sharing some of your reasons for wanting this particular house.

Another helpful hint is to learn as much about the real value property negotiator of the home as possible. The professional inspection that takes place will give you many answers you might seek. However it is beneficial to find other comparable homes in other areas that were recently bought and sold. Ask new owners about their property and find any comparable traits you can. This is a good indication of the true resale value of the house you are interested in.

3 Critical property negotiating pressure points

At this stage you have a good idea of the seller’s situation and how the market looks in that area. Most people aren’t into selling property for a song so your negotiations skills need to be sharp now. One way to motivate a seller is by not only being pre qualified for a house loan, but by being pre approved. That tells sellers they can have their money as soon as completion on the closing papers and it is a huge motivator for many people. Be sure you offer a fair amount. If you go too low, the seller isn’t going to be overly interested in dealing with you. If you go too high, you haven’t left yourself any room for further navigations. Don’t forget to include the extras like closing costs, taxes, and realtor fees in the offer.

If you are truly at a loss in how to protect your own interests throughout this process, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a professional legal and accounting team. It may cost you a little more in the long run, but it will give you peace of mind. Careful negotiations and fair dealings will make the process move along more smoothly.

Also , If you are getting prepared to sell a home then you should know that an open house is a great way to show what you have to offer. Buyers love to drive around their favorite neighborhoods or follow their property agent in search of their potential dream home. An open house is basically a showroom and should be treated as such. Here are some things for you to keep in mind and consider if you are selling property.

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Getting the best price on a property

Your home should be spotless so potential property cash buyers can see it at its best. Clean everything including appliances and inside cupboards since buyers like to look at everything. If you’re not a neat freak or you have no time to do a spring cleaning then hire a cleaning service; it will pay off in the long run. If you are living at the property then it’s important to keep the home clean since you never know when the house might be shown.

Offensive odors are a big distraction and will turn away buyers. Take out your garbage regularly and keep your fridge clean. Make sure you remove any offensive odors and if you have pets then try as much as possible to hide signs of a pet from view and smell. Keep you yard free of dog mess and hide litter boxes. Pets may be a turn off to potential buyers if they have allergies.

Another turn off is clutter and if you’re a packrat then this can be a challenge. Not only should piles of clutter be out of sight but also other things that will distract potential buyers. Put appliances in cupboards so there is as much counter space as possible. Remove family photos and other personal effects since you want buyers to envision the home as their own. Don’t shove everything into closets since buyers like to look in closets.

Make the property look larger

To make rooms appear larger, try to remove unessential furniture since buyers are looking for space. If you are planning on getting rid of some things anyway then have a garage sale before you put your house on the market. Otherwise, consider renting a storage unit and putting non-essential furniture there until your home sells.

Be prepared to show your property negotiator home at anytime and while you may request 24 hour notice, you should know that many sales take place with short notice viewings. If you are serious about selling your home then have your home ready to show. Always be willing to accommodate potential buyers. Again, have your home clean and odor free.

Since people feel uncomfortable about asking questions in front of the owner, it’s a good idea to be away during an open house. If you’re there during an open house or while prospective buyers are there, they won’t take their time and feel comfortable.
Here are some tricks to improve a home’s appearance: Remove some furniture so your home looks larger. Larger rooms give the appearance of luxury and of getting value for the money invested. Either get rid of the furniture you removed or put it in a temporary storage facility. Consider having a garage sale before putting your home on the market.

getting the best price on a property

Smelling a house sale

Another trick is to bake something right before an open house. Everyone loves the smell of cookies, bread and other treats. If that’s not possible, light a scented candle or use an air freshener. Be forewarned, however, that some potential buyers may think you are using these items to mask an unpleasant odor.

While open houses can be a great place to “people watch” and you may be concerned about your belongings, it is best to not be present at an open house. A property agent will be on hand to protect your belongings and answer questions. If you are present, potential buyers may feel uncomfortable in looking through your home.

Most people think of property negotiator open houses as a one-time-only event. Keep in mind that potential buyers will be returning to your house for repeated showings. Be prepared to for this at all times. Be ready to leave with your family at a moment’s notice and have your house show-room ready.

So if you are looking for a negotiating professional who can get you the best possible deal on your purchase or sale then you can contact me anytime for a quotation.